When buying a new skateboard, you basically have two options - you can buy a complete skateboard (that's one that is already assembled for you), or you can piece together your own custom skateboard that fits you exactly! There's nothing wrong with buying a complete.

Click a part above and browse until you find the item you want in your setup.

00 AUD. Build My GTR.

Dec 20, 2022 · Step 4: Install Wheels and Bearings.

You can build your own custom skateboard to suit any style.

Add the wheel on top the bearing on the axle and firmly push down to push the bearing into the wheel. 1. Our builder is easy to use, offering only compatible parts for the skateboard deck you choose.

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Antihero Grimple Stix Backpage 8. Longboard Builder. 00 AUD.

5 Deck - Hewitt $139. Not sure what components you need? Need help setting up a skateboard as a gift? We're taking the guess work out of the equation.

First, you’ll want to go to the top of a hill or spot with a decent decline, because it’s easiest to do it downhill.


75". 00 AUD.

To build your own skateboard deck from scratch you will need-½” plywood and ¾” hardwood to make the skateboard deck; Skateboard hardware- grip tape, skateboard wheel (smaller wheel and softer wheel), skateboard bearings, truck bolts, skateboard truck; Jigsaw; Danish oil; Epoxy(optional). Antihero Grimple Stix PP 7.

Obviously, you can skip this step if your board is already gripped! Pop the holes through the grip tape for the truck bolts.
It involves mechanics, electronics, design and so on.
Try it today! Take it to the next level by making your own e-skateboard!.


Now that you have all the skateboard parts ready, we can assemble your skateboard.

Longboard Builder. Longboard Builder. Step 1: Choose Your Skateboard Deck.

$58. The materials to building your own skateboard are as followed:. . High. The materials to building your own skateboard are as followed:. The BoardPusher deck designer allows you to customize every aspect of your skateboard graphic.


Build Your Own Complete Skateboard. Click Add to Skateboard Builder.

With a slight bend in the knees, put the weight into the ball of the back foot, push against the ground until the board starts to roll forward.


When building a skateboard, even the smallest choices make a difference, so be sure to get the right size skate hardware , double-check your skateboard bushings , and don't forget to grit up your board with grip tape.

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